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Employment as a Police Officer in the Lyndhurst Police Department is accomplished through Civil Service competitive Examinations.

These Examinations are given from time to time as needed.

Eligibility lists are good for at least one year after certification. Additional points are given for successful completion of a certified Police Academy.

Candidates are required to submit to a thorough background check including a FBI and NCIC query. A polygraph exam is also required. A successful candidate will be given a conditional offer of employment conditioned on his or her passing a Psychological Exam and a Physical.

Other employment opportunities include, Special Police Officers (part time), Dispatchers (full and part time), Secretaries, School Crossing Guards, and Park Guards (summer help).

Information may be obtained by calling the Police Administration number at (440) 473-5148 ☎.

City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Civil Service Commission Extends Time Allotted to Turn in Physical Agility Exam Certificate from Tri-C for Patrol Officer
App for PO Exam Deadline: November 6th 2018 
Exam: November 8th 2018 
Next Physical Agility Test: November 18th 2018 
Certificate Return Deadline: November 21st 2018 

Released: 10/29/2018
Read the full story. The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Civil Service Commission has extended the time allotted to turn in the Physical Agility Exam certificate from Tri-C for Patrol Officer. The next Physical Agility Test will be held November 18th 2018. Please schedule this required ...
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City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
Examination for the Position of Full Time Patrol Officer
November 8th 2018 

Released: 10/29/2018
Read the full story. The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio will give a written examination for the position of full time Patrol Officer on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 6:30 p.m., at the Lyndhurst Community Center, 1341 Parkview Drive, Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124. Applications are ...
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Police Department Media Release
Are You Interested in a Career in Police Work?
Do You Know Someone Who Might Be?
Entrance Exam Being Planned For
November 8th 2018
City Calendar icon.
Released: 9/17/2018
Read the full story. Are you interested in a career in police work? Do you know someone who might be? A City of Lyndhurst Civil Service Commission entrance examination for Police Officer is being planned for November 8th 2018. Official notice ...
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