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Nobody expects a fire. But it's very important to have a plan just in case there is one.

Fire can happen anywhere, in your home, apartment, or place of business.

In case of a fire, what you don't know can hurt you. Keep in mind, fires don't always happen to someone else.

Escape plans will differ for each type of building! It's up to you to plan the proper escape from your particular building.

Hints and Tips:

➜ Have a Fire Escape Plan
Have a family meeting to discuss what to do if there is a fire. Practice your plan.

➜ Use Approved Window Gates
Only use approved window gates. Do not use a padlock which will prevent your escape from a fire.

➜ Decide on a Meeting Place Outside the Building
By deciding on a meeting place outside and away from the building, you will know if everyone has gotten out safely.

➜ Send the Alarm
Dial 911 to report a fire.

➜ Walk Quickly, Don't Panic
Feel the door on your way out with the back of your hand. If the door is hot, do not open. Close door behind you to slow the spread of fire.

➜ Use The Stairs
Don't use the elevator. It may stop and trap you. Try to place one hand in contact with the wall. This may prevent you from getting lost.

➜ Stay Low and Go
If there's smoke, escape by staying very low to the ground where air is cooler.

➜ Open Window if Trapped
Open window at top to let out heat and smoke; and at the bottom to breathe. If you cannot get out, wave a sheet out the window.

➜ Don't Go Back
Do not go back into a fire for anything! Your life is your MOST valuable possession.

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