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The #1 cause of accidental fires in the home is cooking.

The following list shows the major reasons that cooking can be dangerous:

1.) ➜ Do not leave cooking food unattended.

2.) ➜ Do not put combustibles near any heating appliances.

3.) ➜ If a pan of grease or oil catches on fire - DO NOT MOVE IT!! Turn off the burner, put a lid on the pan or use an extinguisher.

4.) ➜ Do not wear loose fitting clothes while cooking.

5.) ➜ Do not leave pot handles sticking out so they can be knocked over. Turn handles toward the back of the stove.

6.) ➜ Ensure all electrical appliances are in good repair.

7.) ➜ Unplug small appliances when not in use.

Another major cause for accidental fires is smoking. The following guidelines should be followed if you, anyone in your family, or any guests smoke in your home:

1.) ➜ Do not smoke while lying down or when you are tired.

2.) ➜ Use only deep ashtrays.

3.) ➜ Wet all smoking materials before disposal.

4.) ➜ Keep smoking materials away from children.

5.) ➜ If taking medications that make you drowsy - be especially careful.

6.) ➜ Check all furniture after parties for smoldering cigarettes.

Other causes of accidental fires in the home include the following:


1.) ➜ If using candles, remember to use extreme diligence.

2.) ➜ Do not use if children are present.

3.) ➜ Use on solid, sturdy tables and ensure the candles are in a container.


5.) ➜ Do not use candles near drapes, curtains, towels or any other combustibles.

6.) ➜ Extinguish at the earliest possible time.

Electrical Fires:

1.) ➜ Do not overload circuits.

2.) ➜ Extension cords in homes should be kept to a minimum. Ensure that all extension cords are in good shape.

3.) ➜ If extension cords must be used, buy heavy duty cords instead of the thin cheap basic cords.

4.) ➜ NEVER put electrical cords under rugs or carpeting.

5.) ➜ Remember circuit breakers and fuses must be the weakest part of the electrical circuit. If the system becomes overloaded, these devices will protect your home from electrical fires.

Fire Places, Wood Burners, Furnaces:

1.) ➜ Ensure that your chimney is in good condition and free of any debris.

2.) ➜ If using fire places or wood burners, use only dry, seasoned wood.

3.) ➜ Use screens or glass to protect from embers that could pop out of the fire place.

4.) ➜ Have your furnace, hot water tank or boiler serviced annually by a licensed technician.

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