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Live Long Lyndhurst is a Health and Wellness Partnership between the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio, Cleveland Clinic Community Outreach, Legacy Village, Cleveland Metroparks at Acacia, The Fedeli Group, the YMCA, South Euclid - Lyndhurst Schools, Second Sole, and Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.

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 Meetings Convened in October 2011:

October 3, 2011: Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will meet on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 7:15 P.M. to discuss assessments for the Emerald Ash Borer infestation.
Patrick A. Ward, Chairman
October 3, 2011: Finance Committee

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 Meetings Convened in February 2011:

February 23, 2011: Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 6:30 P.M. to discuss the 2011 appropriations and capital budget.
Patrick A. Ward, Chairman
February 23, 2011: Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 6:30 PM. Present were members of Council, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Frey, Mr. Gambatese, Mr. LoPresti, Mr. Marko, Mr. Schlessel and Mr. Ward. Also present was Finance Director Mary Kovalchik and Mayor Cicero. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss budget appropriations for 2011. A copy of the Draft Appropriation Budget had been distributed to all members of Council in advance of the meeting for their careful evaluation in preparation for this session and many questions had been posed prior to the meeting.
Chairman Ward opened the meeting by directing the Committee members' attention to the Capital Requests that had been presented by the various Departments. The Committees of Council had reviewed these requests at meetings held over the past two months. The items listed in the current Draft have all been recommended to the Finance Committee for approval, pending availability of funds. Chairman Ward referenced a letter that had been sent to all members by Finance Director Kovalchik requesting the Committee's caution as the balance in the Permanent Improvement Fund #410 would fall to an unprecedented level should all of the $1.2 million in items requested, that would be funded from this account, be approved; however, Committee or Departmental recommendations have already addressed removing some larger ticket items.
Every Department stepped up, once again, to reduce the list of items needed to what is absolutely necessary to provide for smooth operations. The following total amounts have been approved:
Police Department requests
Fire Department requests
Building Department Requests
Lyndhurst Municipal Court requests
Public Lands & Bldg. Requests
Community Center Requests
Finance Department requests
Service Department requests
Street Improvement requests
Storm Sewer requests
Sanitary Sewer requests
Technology Upgrades
Miscellaneous Engineering requests
$ 281,804 (of which $57,500 is a grant)
$ 37,000
$ 0,000
$ 515,000
$ 297,500 (of which $102,436 is a grant)
$ 00,000
$ 8,965
$ 393,173 ($132,673 expended in 2010)
$ 1,258,176
$ 155,000
$ 775,000
$ 36,000
$ 213,000
$ 3,970,618

It was moved by Mr. Frey, seconded by Mr. Fisher that all items be approved for funding with a cautionary note to the Administration on the Riding Lawnmower replacement for $10,500, the Office re-painting, ceiling tile replacement and carpet replacement items be done only if absolutely needed. A voice vote was taken with all members voting aye.
Chairman Ward then directed discussion to the General Fund Line Item Requests noting that the Departments had done a tremendous job living within last year's budget figures, so much so that this year's total requests are 5.6% less than the 2010 approved amounts and total only 3.4% over last year's actual expense.
The Committee then began a review, by Department, of the line-item General Fund Budget requests. Committee members were prepared with questions on specific lines of expense and detailed answers were provided. The Safety Committee has recommended re-vamping the pay levels for Auxiliary Officers which will possibly add $1,100 to next year's budget but will make the pay scales more equitable. Money has been provided in the budget to begin replacing trees which Service Director Glady has proposed to do on a street-by-street basis (starting at the North-west corner of the City. Funding in the amount of $30,000 to replace 100 trees is included and is necessary if we ever hope to catch up to the over 300 vacancies we have. These trees would be purchased and planted in-house. Money has also been provided to begin addressing some of our sidewalk situations which have been neglected. The City's obligation and commitment to SELREC was discussed with Chairman Ward reminding the Committee that the agreement entered into last year called for the City's continued support of SELREC for 18 months following the signing of the agreement with the YMCA which occurred last June. This would require the City to fund SELREC at the amount of $24,950 for this full year and then no more. The Committee considered the following amounts by Department or function:
Police Department
Fire Department
Public Health
Planning Commission
Board of Zoning
Architectural Board
Building Department
Brainard SprayPark
Lyndhurst Pool
Recreation Events
Commission on Aging
Refuse Collection
Income Tax Administration
Finance Department
Law Department
Service Department
Civil Service Commission
Municipal Court
General Administrative
Lands & Buildings
For a total GENERAL FUND

which will leave a balance, if every appropriated dollar is expended, of $765,967 at the end of the year.
A motion was made by Mr. Marko, seconded by Mr. Frey that the General Fund appropriations be approved as presented. The question passed unanimously.
Other Funds are budgeted as follows:
Special Revenue Funds
Debt Service Fund
Special Assessment Funds
Trust & Agency Funds
Capital Improvement Funds
$ 2,016,533
$ 1,961.250
$ 1,686,351
$ 3,745,076
$ 2,890,445

The City also administers several Court Funds which have appropriations as follows:
Court Probation Services
Court Special Projects
Court Special Projects IDIAM
Court Computer Fund
Law Enforcement Fund
$ 39,822
$ 484,851
$ 11,000
$ 325,900
$ 60,000
$ 35,000

It was moved by Mr. Marko, seconded by Mr. Schlessel that the expenditures outlined for Special Assessment Funds and Court Funds be approved as presented. The question passed unanimously.
The Grand Total of all Funds is $27,053,132
With no further business to discuss it was moved by Mr. Marko, seconded by Mr. LoPresti that the meeting be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Patrick A. Ward.

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